Thursday, September 6, 2007

What Larry Craig's Doing With His Free Time

He's writing a travel tips blog! (Thanks to Goddess for the link.)


TheVillageIdiot said...

This guy is one of the very few bloggers that I read. So far, he/she is the only one I comment on.
Larry Craig is only the latest of many instances where the fact that someone's sexuality should be as much of a non-issue as their race or religion.
The fact that we, the masses, allow these to be an issue shows how biased and "afraid of the dark" we really are.
I used to hate people I didn't know about.
I used to see everything as "Us vs. Them" (if you aint one of us . . your one of them).
But eventually I got old. What I thought was important, wasn't anymore.
Hopefully Mr. Craig will get older, and perhaps wiser.
In the meantime, keep writing those fair and well though out opinions.

Keifus said...

Yo, Villiage I, I've found that one of the best things about the internet is putting preconceptions aside. I like to think it'd have happened anyway, but who knows. Regardless, I'm thrilled with all the people I'd not have otherwise met.

Also, I've got it on good authority that getting older is inevitable. Wiser seems rare enough.


Archaeopteryx said...

Hi, VI--thanks for the kind words. You're right--but I doubt that this one incident is going to get us much closer to tolerance and understanding.

Keifus--I wouldn't know anything about getting older--or wiser.