Sunday, September 23, 2007

Evil, Sinister Ducks

As an ornithologist, I generally love all birds, but this video is making me rethink my position on ducks.


Catnapping said...

web-footed fascists?

Archaeopteryx said...

I was amazed to find that out, myself. Apparently they taser their dissenters.

TheVillageIdiot said...

Geez Louise, where do you guys find this stuff.
Where do you find the time to look for this stuff.
In Los Angeles, CA we had a radio program call Dr. Demento, I would imagine that he was on other stations in the U.S. but I don't know for sure. He had these kind of songs on his program. As well as older performers like The Marx Bros, and Spike Jones and a very eclectic mix. This reminds me of that.
I have only just started to use my internet for reading blogs. I think you have to be careful not to become one of the addicted many with not much important to say.
I can see how one would spend many hours at this game. On one hand I'm glad I found the Jurassic bird. But on the other it reminds me of Readers Digest.
That is, you have to go through a lot of "liver operations" and "I remember my favorite teacher" type drivel to get to any really good stuff.
The good news is, my granddaughters live with me, and because of that, I get very limited time online.
Oh well, I'm leaving to backpack the Grand Canon tonight and you won't be bothered by me for a week or so.
(hope no mules fall on me)

Archaeopteryx said...

VI--I found this video in a comment thread on the Pharyngula blog. And you're right--you can get addicted. I check my favorite blogs daily, and some of them more often then that.

Wish I was going with you into the Great Chasm. Please have a beer for me at the bar at the North Rim.