Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Jokes Just Write Themselves

Toothpaste For Dinner
NASA has announced that the October 23 launch of Space Shuttle Discovery will carry Luke Skywalker's lightsaber into orbit. The lightsaber was turned over to NASA by a guy in a wookie outfit, and was accompanied on its flight to Houston by a gang of nerds dressed in Star Wars constumes. This is the point where I'd normally post a 10-paragraph diatribe about what a waste of time and money the manned space program is, but, by golly, it turns out that NASA has finally figured out a purpose for the shuttle mission--to help sell special edition DVDs. (From what I could tell, the main scientific purpose of the last shuttle flight was to get the shuttle back to earth without it completly falling apart.) It might be a good idea to turn the space program over to Industrial Light and Magic--they could build much better special effects, and they generally are able to turn a profit. (Cartoon courtesy of toothpastefordinner.com)