Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ender, a resident of my little corner of cyberspace, has started a new blog here. I'm damned if I can figure out what it's about, but the date involved (1-18-08) is my birthday. Perhaps Ender's planning a surprise party for me?


Sona said...

Do you have a small penis? And does this person know that for a fact?

Or are you just jumping to conclusions?

Archaeopteryx said...

Hmmmm...could it be that Ender is the one who keeps sending me penis-enlargement and Viagra e-mails? Could it be that Ender is wife? Dear God, the implications are staggering!

Sona said...

I don't know - with a name like "Ender" and being interested in large penis' - you had better watch your backside.

Archaeopteryx said...

Young lady, you have a dirty mind.

In Ender's defense, he had nothing to do with the photo.

Edward said...


Well, I don't mean to be a stinker, but technically I never blew anything up (evidence of non-absence), and certainly even if I had, the sheer volume and significance of that which I had the power to delete (and didn't) pails in comparison to what Slate destroyed when it failed to preserve the old fray (and that hasn't stopped you from rejoining the fray and contributing to it mightily). So come again?

But never mind.