Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Train Wreck

Husband belonged to successionist party, she attended conventions.
Troopergate, abuse of power, lying
Lousy record as mayor--nearly faced recall, left city in debt
Fired city workers who did not offer political support
For abstinence-based sex ed, teen daughter pregnant, first child born eight months after wedding
Belongs to faux-feminist anti-feminist group
Spent most of life in a church that preached voting for Kerry would send you to hell
Global-warming denier
Foreign policy experience apparently limted to knowledge of Russia's proximity to Alaska
Fund-raiser, political partner of Ted Stevens
Lied about support of "Bridge to Nowhere"
Hired one of Jack Abramoff's lobbyists
Flew from Dallas to Seattle to Anchorage, then drove for an hour to allegedly give birth to a premature Down's baby.
Mother-in-law refuses to endorse
May have lied about being Miss Congeniality in Miss Wasilla Pageant
For drilling in ANWR
Against gay rights, even though "has some gay friends"
Opposed endangered-species status for polar bears, offered bounties on wolves to increase moose populations, shows a complete lack of understanding of wildlife ecology
Wanted to ban books from city library

NOTE: This post originally said that Palin herself was member of a successionist group, which party officials and voter registration records seem to deny.


steve said...

Yep, this pretty much sums up this extremist yahoo.

Archaeopteryx said...

Actually, not even. I left off a lot of the Jerry Springer-esqe family stuff, and there are those who claim that Palin is a dominionist--interested in turning the country into a theocracy. I haven't seen any proof of that--it's all guilt-by-association type stuff, but it's certainly not unbelievable.

Keifus said...

My initial take was that she's the next iteration of a Republican token thrown up as a kind of anti-abuse shield (or to piss off the left). It wouldn't be the first time, but the vice presidency is a little different from judgeships--one really does have an experience requirement, and the other is more about demonstrating the right skill set--and it's not like a bait-waving fluffball as the number 2 was unusual before Al Gore.

Listening to her (cough) evolving positions on earmarks and on the famous bridge over there, I'm thinking expediency suits her fine whatever else she claims to believe, and she speaks effectively, pretty much the #1 and #2 requirements for office, so may actually be a good (and possibly lucky) choice. Their biggest problem is that she's a lot more interesting than McCain.

steve said...

Here's a great post I think you'll enjoy:http://www.dannygregory.com/2008/09/my_vote.php

Archaeopteryx said...

Keifus, I'm afraid that passing time would make it seem that Palin was an excellent choice for a candidate that is concerned only with winning.