Saturday, March 29, 2008

9-11 Changed Everything

We're in the fifth year of an unwinnable war, the economy is in a death spiral, gas is four bucks a gallon, the ice caps are melting, and your government is...uh....making sure that you don't get killed by exploding boobs. I feel much safer.


freeebeeez said...

Republicans said "NO - it will COST TOO MUCH" when Democrats wanted better cockpit security prior to 9/11.

Remember it was REPUBLICANS who were in charge when 9/11 happened, while the REPUBLICAN President sat by reading a story about a pet goat.

Remember, it was ALSO REPUBLICANS who went to war with the WRONG country, over NON-EXISTENT WMDs that they knowingly LIED about to start the war that they are now PROFITING from.

It's also REPUBLICANS who've thwarted attempts at beefing up security around chemical plants near metropolitan areas, saying again, "IT WILL COST TOO MUCH".

But they can sure shell out big bucks to keep us safe from a nipple ring, can't they???

Keifus said...

I could think of worse ways to go.