Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Do People in Arkansas Lack a Sense of Humor?

This letter was sent to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette as a joke. In the letter, Connie Meskimen, a Little Rock attorney, blames global warming on Congress because they started Daylight Savings Time a month early, thus allowing extra time for the earth to heat up. The Demozette published it without comment. Apparently some folks in Arkansas don't get the joke. One of my colleagues read the letter to his class as an example of how scientifically illiterate some people are. Perhaps it's a better example of how humorless people can be.

Although, with some of the garbage spouted by global warming deniers and creationists, maybe I shouldn't be too surprised that people take this kind of thing seriously. After all, some people believe that irreducible complexity is a scientific argument.


Keifus said...

Do you suppose the typo in the headline was meant to highlight the humor?

Archaeopteryx said...

Unfortunately, no. The Arkansas-Democrat-Gazette is a crummy newspaper.