Monday, August 31, 2009

"Characteristic of Mystics or Psychics"

Two years ago, I linked to an article about a man released from death row in Virginia after he was exonerated by DNA evidence. In that post, I mentioned the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed despite evidence that the fire he was accused of setting (and which killed his three young children) was accidental. A heart-breaking article in the New Yorker tells Willingham's story. One scientist says that the original arson investigator's methods "deny rational reasoning," and are "more characteristic of mystics or psychics." Read the article and be sickened.


Cindy said...

I read this yesterday. Honestly, I had to gulp for air by the end. I simply cannot believe this is what passes for judicial investigation and legal justice and that someone's LIFE was on the line with so little regard.

By the end it was as if the page was swimming. And I couldn't believe what I was reading. Surely not. Surely not.

It is absolutely shocking.

Aaron said...

This is where I provoke my own crucifixion, I think. But I really couldn't get worked up about it. Maybe it's because I've become so cynical that nothing phases me anymore. People are just like that - too often "justice" is simply a form of frightened lashing out or revenge against someone who hurt us. It's only a matter of time.

twif said...

"...There is a chance, however, that Texas could become the first state to acknowledge officially that, since the advent of the modern judicial system, it had carried out the 'execution of a legally and factually innocent person.'"

maybe i'm just cynical, but why do i feel there is no fucking way in hell texas will admit they screwed up so royally?

Archaeopteryx said...

You're right, Twif, that does seem to be the Texas way, as we can see from the recent history of the US under Texas leadership. Arty, you had the same reaction I did. Aaron, I believe it's time for you to spend some time out in the mountains, breathing deeply of the clean air, and enjoying the wildlife. Life is good (as long as nobody kills you by mistake).