Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Need to Rearrange the Deck Chairs--the Iceberg's Melting.

Previous estimates of the effects of global climate change include the melting of the ice pack on Greenland as a "worst-case" scenario.  Guess what?  The climate models underestimate the rate at which the pack-ice is melting, and also the amount of carbon that melting permafrost will inject into the atmosphere.  Greenland is losing 52 cubic miles of ice each year, and the permafrost emits three to six times as much greenhouse gas as the entire U.S. car and light truck fleet.  Meanwhile, the G8 and the United States Congress fiddle while the planet burns.


Keifus said...

Hey man, if the permafrost is releasing the carbon, then climate change is obviously not caused by man. Did you think of that, smart guy?

(Sigh. Maybe I should invest in the houseboat industry. Or in jellyfish rendering.)

Archaeopteryx said...

Jellyfish rendering? There's a career choice I never though of.

Keifus said...

Evidently their population is exploding (e.g.) due to a variety of man-made causes (overfishing of predators, and who knows what else). I'm thinking that's gotta be some quality protein.

Michael said...

Global warming is a total myth. This summer in Chicago has been at least .5 degrees lower than average.

There's yer proof.

Greenland? Ah that's a myth too.