Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's Why I Voted for Obama

It's going to take a long time to clean up the messes of the Bush Administration, but President Obama has gotten off to a good start, despite a few hiccups. Today, his Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar (a choice who made many environmentalists, including myself, a bit leery) announced that a number of last-minute Bush Administration leases to oil and gas drillers outside Utah national parks had been rescinded. Oil and gas companies don't drill on all the leases they have now. There's no reason to drill in our national parks or wildlife refuges. This move by the Obama Administration is an act of faith toward the environmentalists who worked their butts off for Obama's election. Undoubtedly, more will follow.


Catnapping said...

I'm delighted to hear this.

It's gonna take two presidents to undo Bush's crap...16 years of democrats.

I think Obama will be so popular that whomever he chooses for his next vp will be our next president.

Archaeopteryx said...

Hope you're right Cat, 'cause if that's true, it means he's done a great job.

Sona said...

I'm pleased with most of what Obama has been doing so far.

Cindy said...

I think he's doing a good job too!

I wish that the people who said "Yes, I can" would have followed up with "Oh, and I didn't pay my taxes, is that bad?" so that the vetting process might have weeded some of it out.

But on the whole, I like the stimulus package, I like the direction we're going. We need to be bold, support local initiatives, and keep the money flowing into smaller entities - NOT into international construction companies and folks who build and use weapons!

I like the Fair Pay bill and I like that he takes his jacket off to work. I think Andrew Card is a douchebag.

I love his family, and I think watching the president sit in an interview and say "we screwed up" or "I take responsibility" is so refreshing it makes me cry.

Now, I want the Dems in Congress to stomp on the cojones of the Repubs and let them scream as we go off to do the good work.


steve said...

Yeah, how about that - honesty in the Presidency for once! Who knew? The Republicans want to keep pumping billions of dollars into the military and are in utter and complete denial of the jobs on the line - the cops, fire men, the teachers (trust me, mine's currently on the line, and I'm living in one of the wealthiest districts in the nation, go figure) and the rapidly deteriorating infrastructure - all of this some Republicans say is "alarmist"! The time is NOW for action, and these fools want to stall it and suddenly want to "take a closer look" at the stimulus plan. Obama's has such an enormous pile o' poo to shovel away from the Bush admin, it's not even funny. Still, I remain an optimist.