Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arkansas Early Voting Report

Mrs. Archaeoperyx and I just returned from the county courthouse where we cast our ballots on one of those infernal touchscreen machines. We both voted against the gay-hate initiative (to make it illegal for unmarried (code for "gay") couples to act as foster parents). We cancelled each other out on a state lottery (she's for it, and I'm agin' it). We registered our Green-Party-protest votes against our Democratic Senator (a DINO and professed creationist who loves him some Joe Lieberman) and our Democratic Representative (he wants to drill ANWR). Not another single candidate on our ballots with an opponent, so screw 'em. As my mom used to say, they only need one vote, and they won't get it from me.

Oh, yeah, there was that other race. As we walked up to the courthouse a family of black people came out--a mom and three kids. The oldest daughter was wearing a cheerleader outfit, but she might have been old enough to cast her first ballot. If so, she had never voted in a presidential election where a black man wasn't favored to win. Inside, there were two voting machines. At one of the machines was a black man in his late fifties or early sixties. At the other was one of my colleagues. I knew how both men were voting--same way as me. I joked with the poll workers, "How much does it cost to vote again?"

As we finished, a white couple came in to cast their ballots. Maybe late thirties or early forties. Were they cancelling out our votes? As we walked out the door of the courthouse, we passed a black woman who might have been seventy. She smiled at me.


Sona said...

Good for you. If we had early voting here, Obama would have one more already. But he'll get mine on the 4th.

Archaeopteryx said...

Hi, Sona. I hope you'll vote for Lunsford, too. Turn that red state blue.

steve said...

Way to go! Barack will be speaking at a rally just a mile or so down the road from me today. I actually lost sleep last night thinking about it. So when i get out of work at three, I'll be walking to see Obama and Biden speak at one of my all time favorite places to go. I might have to grab me a coffe on the way over too. I promise to take and post pics as well. Can't wait to get the vote out!

Cindy said...

My husband and I have also voted early (here in Florida). And one of our three daughters has too.

The others all want the "intensity" of voting on November 4.


Archaeopteryx said...

Steve, I envy you. Let me know when you get the photos posted, and I'll link to them.

Arty, I can understand wanting to enjoy the "intensity." I remember in 1992, Mrs. Archaeopteryx, her brother, and I all voted on election day--the crowds were astounding. We went home and had a couple of drinks, then headed for downtown Little Rock to enjoy some of that intensity. It was crazy. We hung around the broadcast van of a local radio station, and one of the DJs would holler out of the van every time Bill won another state. There was nothing like it anywhere, and it literally changed my life. I remember thinking that if one puffy white boy from Arkansas could become president, then I could become whatever I wanted to be. So, if your kids want to enjoy it, I say let 'em!

This is a big damn' deal!

steve said...

Well, Biden wasn't there and Barack was so far away, I go no pics of him, but the rally was excellent. here's some pics for you!http://goflyingturtle.blogspot.com/2008/10/obama-visits-leesburg-virginia.html


Sona said...

I hope you'll vote for Lunsford, too.

Oh god yes - the slogan here is "Ditch Mitch".

Keifus said...

The early voting business seems sketchy to me, I've got to tell you, and I don't much like touch screens either.

My voting experience has always been short early morning lines, coffee, a brief conversation with a smiling elderly woman. I'm good with that. I'm furthermore suspicious of electoral celebrations (harrumph!), but then again, New England hasn't produced a presidential success story in a while.


steve said...

OK, I voted early today in Leesburg, VA. Lots of people there but it went real well. i went with paper this time, just in case.