Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Favorite Photo From Costa Rica

The photo below shows a mother and baby two-toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus). It was taken at Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica. Both seemed really cool about having their picture taken. Perhaps living in a national park makes them used to the biological paparazzi.


ThyGoddess said...


Fucking biological paparazzi!

Keifus said...

In a novel I'm half-embarrassed to have enjoyed (Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett, probably his best, but I'm not researching anymore), the authored caricatured the famous Greek Diogenes with a more fictional philosopher, Didactylos, who was less into bathing but had the same sort of idea. His name ostensibly meant "two-fingered," but it poked at the Greek-derived "dicact" as well. And here's another meaning. Awesome.

That's a fabulous picture. Looks like something out of National Geographic.

Did I mention I recent I recently visited Baltimore Washington airport? Not a lot of wildlife.


Archaeopteryx said...

It's a real coincidence, because this sloth seemed quite philosophical about being disturbed by me and my students.

catnapping said...

oooo. i'm squeaking! i love babies.

Robert Scheidler said...

So sweet you probably should put up a warning sign for diabetics!

gap said...


reminds me of -

he lives.