Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is CNN

I get a huge chunk of my news from the Internet, and for many years, my first stop in the morning has been But over the last couple of years, the website has begun straining the definition of the word "news." It's still possible to find out the latest headlines there, but the content of the site has been steadily declining. Here's a selection of their front page stories as I write this:

18-wheeler falls off ramp onto car.
Waiting? Left in the dark? Fire the doc?
Teen suspended for selling fancy sammies.
Bees attack pair as TV station tapes it.
Sleazy outcome from TV show confessions.
House full of feces, filth may be leveled.
Hapless robbers target biker meeting.

Ted Turner is spinning in his grave. Or would be. If he was dead.

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