Sunday, December 9, 2007

Huckabee the Hypocrite

While lieutenant governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee was paid by a political action committee called Action America. At the time, he refused to say who the donors to Action America were, mendaciously claiming that doing so would violate federal law. Now we find that the main contributor to the fund was R. J. Reynolds. That's right--Mr. Health turns out to be a tobacco company stooge. Recent polls show Huckabee winning in Iowa; respondents say they like his "honesty." I guess that word means something different to Iowa evangelicals than it does to everyone else in the world.

Newsweek has the story (the relevant parts are on page 7). Thanks to the Arkansas Times for the heads-up.


Catnapping said...

Addiction America, more like.

yk yk yk yk.

I can't wait to see if this makes it to the papers in my state. Maybe I should forward links to the AHA and Lung Association bloggers, just to make sure some people pick it up.

I worry about Huckabee.

Archaeopteryx said...

Please spread the word, Cat. This Huckabee character would make George W. Bush look like...well...somewhat competent...maybe Eisenhower? Anyway, he's moving ahead in some of the national polls. So get the word out.

TenaciousK said...

I find it absolutely stunning that evangelical Christians would rather elect "the anti-Romney" than any of the other candidates. Have you been catching Hitchens' shenanigans? He's making fun of the Christians, at their expense, by fomenting a little bigotry towards Romney. It would be very ironic if evangelical Christians ended up splitting the Republican party this election because they had gotten so worked up about who they hate least they forgot to pick a candidate who was, well, desirable.

Of course, if they vote as a block, I guess they won't be splitting the Republican party at all. In fact, come to think of it, that might explain the last two presidential elections. [sigh...]

Jake said...