Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Don't Particularly Heart Huckabee

My newest anti-Huckabee rant has just been published in Quiblit, a new on-line magazine. I couldn't be more proud. I think.

Also, don't miss Max Brantley's takedown of the Huckster on Salon.


Keifus said...

Did you follow Schad out to the metaverse? You've generated some comments--some of them are hilarious.

Archaeopteryx said...

Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on them. My favorite is the "paralytic stupidity" comment.

Keifus said...

My bad. You were the one that brought it up in the first place. Thought it was Mike (didn't read closely).

I needed a birder recently. Although I've watched The Holy Grail a hundred times, I don't know if North American swallows are native, if they're migratory, or if they're the ones that form those great big unanimous flocks like that. If I got it wrong, feel free to crucify me.

Archaeopteryx said...

I think the swallows in your neck of the woods are both native and migratory ("my-GRAT-ory").

TheVillageIdiot said...

John, I wonder why so many of your readers who respond must use the word "Fuck" so often.
I can understand it with younger, less educated blogers, however the comments put down by people like Kiefus are fairly intelligent and well reasoned. It seems to me that the more we mature and learn, the more we should be able to refrain from sophomoric ways of expressing ourselves,
Oh well . . don't get me wrong, I'm no prude nor am I overtly offended. Sometimes it is a necessary term. Just not so often

Keifus said...

Fairly intelligent? All right!

Well, one reason is that it can get a predictable reaction. Another, is that used well anyway, it's "a crotch-kick against pretension," which seems almost constantly needed on the intertubes. Other times, it just makes me snicker.

Best used sparingly, of course, but so's everything.


Archaeopteryx said...

Hi, VI. Your comment has me thinking about how much I love language. I have to agree with Keifus--a well-placed expletive is often the best way to express oneself. For instance, just calling Dubya a moron doesn't have the same impact as using a certain Anglo-Saxon modifier. But, yes, all things in moderation.

By the way, you should check Keifus' blog if you'd like to see what good writing looks like. Really, I know lots of chemists, and he's the best writer among them.


Okay, he's a great writer, even for non-chemists.

Keifus said...

I honestly don't know what to say, Arch. (Other than that the stuff that's popping up on quiblit soon is stuff I wrote last week. Something about scientists and writing, that you'll probably agree with.)

Also, you'll get your check any day now.